Got a startup idea at the intersection of technology, media, and entertainment? Dream of creating the next Pandora, Pixar or PlayStation?

Real Startup is an individually tailored 3-week intensive for university-based student teams to incubate a start up project at the intersection of tech and media, including music, video, gaming, VR and the digital arts. Teams of 2-4 students from Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley, and Queen Mary University of London work collaboratively with over 150 industry mentors from companies such as Pandora, Apple, Twitter, Adobe, Autodesk, Dolby and more. Teams will develop deep industry connections and entrepreneurial insights for commercializing creative technologies.    

The Mission of Real Startup:
Who we are. What we do:

Real Startup lives in the overlap of innovation, industry and investment. 

This lets us:

  • Find, fund and staff the best and brightest entrepreneurial teams from university digital media, arts, and technology programs, transforming bleeding-edge ideas into consumer-ready products.
  • Jumpstart and accelerate the careers of the entrepreneurs of tomorrow through supporting their companies or facilitating their integration with our industry partners.
  • Directly connect students to the companies that may acquire, hire, and fund their innovations.
  • Remove the barriers that block the transfer of university inventions into the marketplace.

Real Startup builds upon corporate partnerships, mentorship networks, and university partnerships of industry nonprofit Real Industry!  

What are the basics of the summer 2017 Real Startup pilot program?

In 2017, we will host several hand-selected university teams for a brief 3-week summer 2017 residency in the San Francisco Bay Area, run by Real Industry. Teams are expected to have vetted their ideas and taken entrepreneurship courses such as having graduated from a Lean LaunchPad-type course. Real Startup leverages the fact that most universities operate excellent, intensive startup classes and early incubators.

The Real Startup unique value-add is helping teams take their innovations to the real world by connecting with Real Industry's network of 200 industry mentors at the world's leading media technology companies. We arrange onsite corporate visits, guest lectures, office hours, and networking sessions to connect startup teams with their target markets and corporate partners. 

Real Startup university teams will receive unprecedented access and mentorship by leaders at top media tech companies such as Pandora, Autodesk, Dolby, Sony, Adobe, Shazam, Bose, and many, many more.

What's next? Real Startup will remain media-technology-centric in its inaugural year (2017), expanding to new universities and new tech areas in 2018.